Velis & Remis

The name of the company Velis et Remis is an old Latin phrase meaning “by all means” literally “sails and oars”. Our approach was to find a way to combine independent filmmaking, organisation leadership and management, competence development, and community outreach.
The end result differs from the mainstream solution providers, by providing fresh ideas for our customers, who are coming from private and public sector. From service and technical areas to cultural areas, as well as from social and health care sectors.

Naturally we are not alone in this world and therefore a part of our offering is due to our collaborators as well
Ask us to come and tell you more!


The three cornerstones to a success are motivation, skill, and communication. They imply to both internal and external development of the organisations, and therefore we want to make the world a bit better place by helping organisations with these challenges.


Our values are change by respecting the traditions, continuous improvement, joy of learning, and courage.

With these values we communicate to our customers the fact that being able to make a successful change one has to know the history and the background of the matters. Also we see that both the world and the people in it are constantly developing, which should not be seen as a burden, but instead a possibility to get something more out of each day. We want to face the challenges and seize the day, and we are encouraging others to do the same.