Velis & Remis

Leadership and communication


We are not afraid of the “hands on work” we join your project work, to share the same tears and laugh the same laughter with you, while we make the wise words and good advises turn in to achievements. 

We offer services in developing leadership and management, and communication in both internal and external challenges.

Such challenges we have solved for our customers in staff development, motivation related issues, change management issues, communication and marketing matters.



We are an independent eLearning
provider, focusing on content
development and tailoring of

We work together with some of the
major solution providers, and we are
members in the biggest independent
eLearning association in Finland,
The Finnish eLearning association.

Video Production

In addition to eLearnings we make
different kinds of video productions, such as tutorial videos, promotion videos, small commercials, video interviews, short films, and documentaries.

We would have a skill and equipment even for making a full length movie, but that one has to wait still.

Training and consultation

We also give traditional classroom trainings,
and participate in practical project work as implementers or mentors/coaches.

Some of our areas of expertise are
- Motivation and competence development
- Leadership and change management.
- Internal and external communication.
- International business.
- Marketing.